The 2nd Annual TONYC Huddle: Activating Change in 2017 and Beyond

On Sunday, July 16th, the TONYC gathered for the second annual huddle, including 23 staff jokers, actors, and board members, facilitated by Tenaja Jordan. The sense of community was vibrant. 

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Actors as Activists: Canvassing 101

Following the plays in our 5th Annual Legislative Theatre Festival, we hosted a series of trainings called Get Activated! These trainings offered skills and tips for engaging with social issues outside of the theatre. One of these sessions was geared toward effective canvassing.

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Meet Madison Kitchen, TONYC's new Special Events & Communications Intern!

Hi TONYC Community! My name is Madison Kitchen and I am so excited to be TONYC's new Special Events & Communications Intern.

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