The Opposite of Goodbye: A Note from Katy

Dear TONYC Spect-Actors, Friends and Neighbors,

I am writing today to share big news. In late fall, I will be stepping down from my position as the Founding Executive Director of Theatre of the Oppressed NYC.

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Our Strategic Plan: Leadership Development

by Katy Rubin

Since TONYC’s first year, we’ve been practicing what Augusto Boal called “multiplication,” and what our social justice-nonprofit colleagues call leadership development. Boal said that we should not be engaging in Theatre of the Oppressed only as ‘consumers,” that is, to liberate ourselves only; but also to get organized within our communities and share these tools with our neighbors.

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Restorative Justice and Participatory Action!

by Mike Gee

Greetings. My name is Mike and when I began my journey with TONYC back in 2010 most people knew me as Monk. I am fortunate to have been a part of the original ensemble that is currently known as Concrete Justice, TONYC’s first and longest running troupe comprised of human beings who struggle with the challenges that come with the experience of homelessness. Over the years I have played several distinct roles within the organization as an actor, facilitator, board member, event host and most recently as a Criminal Justice Advocate.

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