Need a Rapid Response!?

Need a Rapid Response?

Theatre of the Oppressed NYC's Rapid Response Troupe specializes in the last-minute. Looking for a new way to engage press and officials at a rally? Need a performance to enliven your community engagement? Rapid Response might be the right fit!

BRAINSTORM solutions to systemic problems
Use interactive theatre to highlight lived experiences and engage new communities in your campaigns

BUILD solidarity across communities
Show, instead of tell, policy-makers and New Yorkers how policy issues exist in human context

FORMULATE next action steps
Rehearse new advocacy strategies and spark creative interventions


How does it work?

In 2018 we launched Rapid Response — a troupe that could receive a call, and gather quickly to provide smart, savvy monologues and scenes to a rally, a demonstration, a hearing, a school walkout, you name it. Our Rapid Response troupe is built by young people and adults who are directly impacted by the issues they work on, such as housing and economic justice, the criminal justice system, and the school-to-prison pipeline.