The Concrete Justice Diaries

The Concrete Justice Diaries

Nov. 25, 2013

Concrete Justice actors share some thoughts and poems 


"I'm thankful for being here at concrete justice. It gives me great joy to do plays. My favorite role was playing the social worker in “Park Bench Prophet.” I am truly thankful for being in these plays because it helps me to be more"

                                                                - Sidney
"After joining the group I finally felt part of a group that is positive and appreciated my ideas and I look for solutions and like my talent."  
                                         - Concrete Justice  Member 

"Seeing T.O.N.Y.C. Perform “Helter Shelter” took me back to when I was living in a shelter. I have to say it was very accurate. I NEVER WANT TO GO BACK!!! "  - Anonymous 

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