Spring 2014 Internship Announcement

Spring 2014 Internship Announcement

Dec. 03, 2013

TONYC is now seeking applications for our Spring 2014 internship!

Here’s our current (and awesome) intern, Giselle Bleuz, writing about her experience working with TONYC this fall:

Interning with Theatre of the Oppressed NYC has been a fun experience. The staff here are some of the nicest people I know. They are very welcoming and friendly and I never felt intimidated or overlooked. I was able to work closely together with the Theatre of the Oppressed NYC team which allowed me to work effectively. I was able to do fun stuff such as creating blog posts, viewing and uploading photos to our website, attending shows, assisting the staff with the actors, creating and getting props, and helping with staging for some of the shows, as well as attending trainings that help better my future acting career. I was also able to learn things that may help me in the future such as looking for grants that may support the organization and promoting our shows, including how to get us featured In magazines. This will be a great job for anyone who wants to gain experience with working with actors and building on and utilizing their skills of Microsoft Office and basic computer skills, assisting, networking, and communication skills. The best thing is you will never feel like an intern, you will fit right in and feel part of the team!”   

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