What's Your Vote? Policy Proposals, Action Steps and News!

May. 19, 2017

Thank you for helping make Legislative Theatre a success! We gathered in 3 boroughs with 3 troupes and together, we engaged nearly 500 spect-actors, 5 elected officials, 7 city agencies, 21 policy advisors, 30 community actors and over 50 advocacy organizations in creative, participatory democracy! 

We watched, acted, voted and got activated towards real change around immigrant rights, cultural equity for low-income New Yorkers and the school-to-prison pipeline. Now we're working with actors, advocates and audiences to push these proposals forward. #WatchActVote 


In the photos above, policy-makers are debating ideas proposed by actors and audiences. Didn't get a chance to vote on the policy proposals in person? We need your voice, vote online here!

More photos by Will O'Hare on our Facebook!

Additionally, directly related to our Manhattan Legislative Theatre event, CreateNYC has released a survey to assess the proposals they've gathered since the Fall regarding the NYC Cultural Plan. Deadline to submit your feedback is May 31st!

See you in action,
The TONYC Team

Job Opportunities at TONYC

Theatre of the Oppressed NYC is looking for a Communications & Special Events intern to join us this summer: application deadline extended to 5/22.

News & Highlights

• This week, we joined Riders Alliance NY for their speak out  for Fair Fares outside of City Hall before the Wednesday morning transit hearing. Actors from Concrete Justice shared their story about the inaccessibility of public transit for low-income New Yorkers, specifically speaking to the effects of fare evasion. In preparation for their scene, actor & Joker, Maaji said to a nearby NYPD officer "Help me get into character. What do you say to people as you're arresting them for not being able to afford a Metrocard?"

• Check us out on the MTV News Social Justice Forecast and on BRIC TV.

Upcoming Shows & Workshops

Thursday, June 1st: Housing Works Troupe in Apartment Complex @ SAGE Harlem
Monday, June 5th: Tune in & Turn Out @ The Judson, featuring Housing Works Troupe in Apartment Complex
Tuesday, June 20th: Sunset Park Troupe @ La MaMa ETC
Friday, July 7th-Sunday, July 9th: Level 1 Joker Training for Community Action @ Long Island City

Tune In & Turn Out

TONYC is committed to uplifting movements and campaigns throughout New York City; here are some actions coming up this month:

 Saturday, May 20th: Resilient New York @ North Star Fund
 Monday, May 23rd: Justice Delayed = Justice Denied @ NY State Capitol
• Thursday, May 25th: Arts to End Violence Gallery Opening @ 1160 St John's Place
 Thursday, May 25th: Who Produces NYC's Culture? @ Flux Factory


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