Escucha Performs at Make the Road

Nov. 17, 2023

On November 16th, TONYC's Spanish language troupe Escucha presented the forum play “El Espejismo Americano” at Make the Road New York.

“El Espejismo Americano” explores the obstacles undocumented workers face while trying to build their lives in the United States and tells the story of how newly arriving immigrants discover that the American dream is a mirage.

Said audience member and volunteer Vincent Iaropoli, "Watching how dedicated [the actors and Jokers] were to their community and social justice left a real impression on me." He went on to describe the unique merits of the forum theatre format: "The play was interactive, letting the audience step into the main character’s shoes and explore different paths for a positive outcome. The lively discussions that came out of this role-playing made the whole experience even more meaningful. Volunteering with TONYC has been a great experience."

Photo by Vincent Iaropoli.