Eli and the Housing Works 13 Theatre Troupe

Nov. 15, 2013

"Right now I’m doing Theatre of the Oppressed and that’s all I know"


In September 2011, Housing Works clients from the West Village Health Center joined forces with Theatre of the Oppressed NYC to work on creating plays that explored the challenges HIV-positive New Yorkers face when homeless and navigating the red tape of NYC’s social services. The troupe is still going strong and the actors are still telling their stories. Eli Burgess was one of the troupes earliest members, and on Tuesday 22nd October he was at TONYC’s annual benefit gig to celebrate his and other’s achievements. That night, over 120 people, including local politicians and stars of the big screen, saw a taster of a documentary Eli and the troupe have made, giving a powerful insight into what the work and what it means to them. "Every story we tell at the troupe is someone’s real experience, it’s an education. Prior to being in this group, all I could see was my own life. Right now I’m doing Theatre of the Oppressed and that’s all I know, it gives me the confidence I need, to make the right choices."