Won't You Take Me to Spencertown!

Dec. 02, 2013

This is Part One of our series of actor's personal experiences.  The following comes from one of our actors in the Concrete Justice troupe. We hope you enjoy.

The Concrete Justice troupe took  a trip up to Spencertown to perform and they stuffed me at the local Chinese buffet, then they squeezed me into a compact "hoopty" ( small car) with enormous egos; Pastor drew, Phil and Max. Thankfully with me being as small of structure as I am, I was lost within the conversation in the little clown car. It must have been because the three enormous egos I formerly mentioned were in a deep and wide ranging convo that I could just sit and listen to. The conversation involved biblical truths and myths on how we as such modern people can make sense of such out dated stories and guidelines.  They talked about  a life philosophy one can be proud of: Gay marriage, human rights, civil rights and wrong and we talked about all of this to a sound track of rap. I think Pastor Drew is the only pastor that I know that listens to rap. I also don’t know many pastor's that are dedicated to all creative, sensitive, extremely cool, moral , ethical , and deep issues. I also don’t know many pastors in the world who would gather three friends into a small ass car and talk some deep shit while listening to rap.