When My Eyes Connected To hers...

Nov. 01, 2013

"When my eyes connected to hers" -  Jon Mincey of Concrete Justice

What can I write about that stuck in my mind? I think it was the time where my sister Holly came to see the show at the NY Society for Ethical Culture. It was the first time any of my family ever saw me perform. I was nervous and excited. Butterflies were making cocoons in my stomach. I had to make a good great impression on her. I picked her up from Penn Station and we took the 1 train to Lincoln center catching up on family gossip. We stopped outside the Lincoln center and as time was passing, each member of the troupe began to show up.  With great pride I introduced her and she must have felt the love I have for my peers.  She was in there with all the jokes that were being shared with my peers.  Soon we parted ways, as she went to the audience I had to get into costume.