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Concrete Justice: TONYC’s flagship troupe uses Theatre of the Oppressed as a medium for communal problem-solving around the issues of homelessness, joblessness and related discrimination. The troupe began as the Jan Hus Theatre Troupe in 2010. The troupe has also been hosted by the New York Society for Ethical Culture, and is now based at St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Harlem.

Ali Forney Theatrical Society: In partnership with the Ali Forney Center, whose mission is to protect LGBTQ youths from the harms of homelessness and empower them with the tools needed to live independently, this TONYC troupe investigates every-day issues surrounding the LGBTQ youth community.

Housing Works Troupe: Collaborating with Housing Works, this troupe has been investigating discrimination towards New Yorkers whose lives are affected by homelessness and HIV/AIDS since fall 2011. Originally the 13 Theatre Troupe based in Chelsea, the troupe now rehearses in downtown Brooklyn.

Youth Justice Troupes: Via partnerships with the Crown Heights Mediation Center, CASES, Staten Island Youth Justice Center and the Center for Court Innovation, the youth justice troupes investigate discrimination in policing, the courts, Riker’s Island, probation and sentencing.

El Grupo de ACQC: In partnership with the ACQC and hosted by the First Reformed Church of Astoria, El Grupo de ACQC:Astoria examina la vida de un inmigrante indocumentado y desamparado en Nueva York.

What is Forum Theatre?

In Forum Theatre, the actors present an original play chronicling an unresolved problem resulting from systemic oppression. Once the play is finished, the audience is invited to step into the play and share possible ways to attack this problem and respond to the antagonists, in what’s known as an Intervention. The actors in the play are prepared to respond to the audience member, known now as a Spect-Actor. This process of play performance and interventions is facilitated by a Joker. The goal is to engage in various problem-solving strategies that the community can use to fight back against the oppressions they face.

Theatre of the Oppressed NYC has established "popular theatre troupes" all over New York City in collaboration with a range of local communities, including homeless adults and youth, people living with HIV/AIDS, immigrants, veterans, formerly incarcerated people, and court-involved youth. These troupes devise and tour original, interactive plays inspired by real-life struggles – the problems they face everyday – with the intention of engaging peers in theatrical problem-solving which can help inspire concrete, social action. Each troupe creates one to two shows a year which are performed in theatres, community centers, shelters and drop-in centers; and at conferences and festivals including TONYC's own annual Legislative Theatre Festival.

Certain troupes are available to perform a full play or forum scene at your venue or organization. For more information, please contact Sulu LeoNimm, [email protected]

If you are interested in starting a troupe with your organization or community, please contact Sulu LeoNimm, [email protected]

Current Troupe Partners:

AIDS Center of Queens County, Ali Forney Center, Center for Court Innovation, Crown Heights Community Mediation Center, The Fortune Society, LaGuardia Performing Arts Center, Red Hook Community Justice Center, Sunset Park Community Troupe