Spring Resources from Philip

May. 21, 2020

Spring Resources!

Whether you're looking for funding to make up for lost income due to COVID-19, to help cover personal emergency expenses, or to jump start your artistic projects and business ventures, grant writing is a great place to find support! On this blog post, you'll find some quick tips for grant writing that may help you on your search for funding, as well as a few places where you can start looking for grants to apply to.

Grant Writing Tips

You can find all the notes from our grant writing webinar at this link! The top tips to keep in mind from this document are: 

  1. Finding the right grant to apply for is half the work! Don't spend time applying for something that isn't exactly the right fit for you. 
  2. Follow the rules! As much as I love resisting authority, when it comes to grant-writing you want to follow their directions pretty closely. Most place will be clear in letting you know what it is that they want from you. 
  3. I think of writing a good grant application as being similar to telling a good story. Make sure the narrative is clear from who you are to what you will accomplish with funding. 
  4. Keep in mind - you are already an expert in your own experience! Trust yourself to know best who you are and what you need. 

Places to Look for Grants

I will be updating this list as I learn about new grant opportunities! In the meantime, here are some good places to get started looking for grants to apply to: 

  • 211 - This link has some grant opportunities as well as other resources that include help with internet access, unemployment benefits, and more. This link can be translated into many different languages! 
  • Creative Capital - This link has a lot of grant opportunities. Many, but not all of them, are artist specific. 
  • Stratera Arts - This link has a lot of different types of opportunities, include specific to social justice work. 

Personal Emergency Grants

Here's a small list of Personal Emergency Grants specifically in response to COVID-19. There are many others online, and I encourage you to do additional research - these are just a few that I have seen!

How to Create a Budget

Some of the grants you find may ask you to create a budget as part of the application process. This folder has simple sample budgets you can use for applications, with formulas and formatting already in place! (Heads up - you'll need to download or copy the sample budgets in order to use them yourself!) And here is in image with some of the basic elements of a budget: 


If at any time you want to talk more about finding and applying for grants, please don't hesitate to reach out to [email protected] at any time.