Sign up to create theatre for social justice, and receive a paid stipend for participation!

PLEASE NOTE: All Spring troupes will take place online on Zoom. Audio participation is required, and video participation is strongly preferred. 


 CLICK A LINK BELOW to register:

Red Hook Community Justice Center: Tuesday 4pm-6pm begins Feb 16, ages 16-18 (applications closed)

Breaking Ground: Tuesday 3pm-5pm begins Feb 16, by invitation

Fortune Society: Thursday 2pm-4pm begins Feb 25, by invitation

Mayor's Action Plan (NYCHA): Wednesday 5pm-7pm begins March 17, ages 18-25

Housing Works Troupe: Wed 3pm-5pm begins March 3, by invitation

Ali Forney Troupe: Mon & Thurs, 6pm-8pm by invitation

Questions, email Sulu [email protected] or text/call 914-709-5451. Sulu can also help you fill out the form. 


Note: Spring 2021 Relief Technology Application

As part of Theatre of the Oppressed NYC (TONYC)’s relief funding for 2020, TONYC is able to send Actors in Spring 2021 Troupes a tablet to enhance participation in a troupe. These tablets are free and a gift, you will not be expected to return them. These tablets are hotspot capable, meaning you will be able to connect to any WIfi network or hotspot from a mobile device you have access to. Tech support is available by phone directly from the supplier if you have any questions setting up or using your device. TONYC will not be able to give individual tech support.

To apply for a tablet, fill out the troupe form and answer "yes" to the question, "Would you like to apply for a tablet to better participate in rehearsals and shows?" 

Tablets will be ordered together for each troupe after the early rehearsals. We will notify you when your tablet will be shipped and when you can expect it to arrive. Shipping may take up to 3-4 weeks.