TONYC Rapid Response Presents "3 on 1" Online Forum


Theatre of the Oppressed NYC’s Rapid Response Troupe, presents their first experiment with online forum theatre. “3 on 1” examines the frustration and anxiety with navigating customer service and government hotlines. 

3 on 1’s mission is to provide the public with access to all of NYC’s government disservices and mis-information while maintaining the highest possible level of customer run around. 3 on 1 allows government bodies to focus on passing the buck and mismanaging solutions, while complaints turn into “REAL” emergencies.  3 on 1 is here to reconnect New Yorkers, to those who can help them the least.  Please hold, when you're struggling to hold on, an unqualified misrepresentative is standing by. 

The Zoom is sold out. Watch on Facebook!

WATCH July 6th 7pm

July 06, 2020 at 7:00pm - 9pm
Omari Soulfinger ·

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