Rehearse Change & Take Action with TONYC: 1/20-1/22 & Beyond

Jan. 19, 2017

This week, we at Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, along with our colleagues and comrades, are expressing resistance, getting creative and taking action. 

It’s not always easy to find hope, but we’re seeking it and working towards it daily. Together, we continue to fight systemic oppression and amplify the movements towards racial and economic justice in NYC through community voice, fun and creative problem-solving. As activist and organizer Micah White states, "the contagious collective epiphany is the one force capable of conjuring a political miracle," and we aim to help spark just that.

In our efforts towards concrete, creative change, we strive - in both our perspectives and practices - to challenge racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, and oppression in all its forms. These are our commitments:

• Undoing Racism: We commit to create and promote an anti-racist culture in our organization, and practice anti-racism in our personal and political work.
• Analyzing Power: Through the analysis of institutional power, we identify and unpack the systems of oppression.
• Leadership: We develop leadership intentionally and systematically within our organization. We engage in mutual mentorship, and models of collaborative, antiracist, and feminist leadership. 
• Tuning In and Turning Out: The growth of an effective broad-based movement for social transformation requires networking or “building a net that works.” Our greatest impact will come through amplifying the organizing and advocacy efforts of our peer organizations.

The impending presidency has only turned up the heat on our work. TONYC’s jokers and actors have been "turning out" day after day in response to calls from new and existing community partners, to bring our creative facilitation skills and accessible processes for change-making to community organizing spaces. These are some of the spaces where you’ll find us this week and next:

Friday, January 20th

• Not Going Back: Building Community, Resilience, and Power in the Wake of the Trump Presidency (featuring a workshop with TONYC Jokers Kate and Maaji)
• DAY ONE: A Poetry Reading and Open Mic
• Handbills of Subversion: Tremendous Art from Losers, Nasty Women and the Gays
• Art-Making Happy Hour @ The Bronx Museum
• Post-Inauguration Fundraiser Against Police Raids!

Saturday, January 21st

• Women’s March on NYC (with TONYC contingent)
• Women’s March on Washington (with TONYC contingent)
• Where We Go From Here: Women’s Town Hall and Reception (livestream available)

Sunday, January 22nd

• The Fire This Time Festival (featuring TONYC Joker Liz Morgan)
• Addressing Privilege and Power with Cops in the Head (workshop with TONYC Jokers Becca and Max)

With you, in this moment and beyond, we commit to creating and sustaining spaces to rehearse and implement change. See you in action!

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