Don't hesitate — legislate! November 1 Follow-Up

Nov. 08, 2018

November 1, 2018 was truly inspiring. We workshopped policies, we discussed amendments, we voted, and now we're focusing on ways to follow up. If you’ve had any other ideas, especially after this tight but equally inspiring election!, feel free to write Diamond and let her know! We'll be working with our Policy Rangers over the next few months on what tangible actions we can all take to make this creative brainstorm a reality.

Swing by our Facebook album to check out images of the whole event, and check out this great write-up in the BKReader!

Photo by Ali Garber, for TONYC

“It seems to me that, too often, policy-making appears murky and impenetrable to many, including those in our communities who are most directly impacted by bad decisions,” says Liz Vladeck, one of our engaged Policy Rangers and the Deputy Commissioner at the Office of Labor Policy & Standards at NYC Department of Consumer Affairs. “Seeing the troupe members take control to set their own expectations and demands for process and outcomes was great, and I hope TONYC’s next step is to ensure their voices are heard by a wider audience.”

Our first proposal was, “Matters of harassment should be handled by external, independent companies not affiliated with the company the accused harasser works for.”

The Policy Rangers, a stalwart and savvy group, discussed the following amendments, and we put it to a vote! There was a very close vote on these amendments — 195 votes revealed that everyone in the room felt equally as strongly about all of them.


The Commission on Gender Equity as well as the Human Rights Commission are currently working hard on variations of this proposal and these amendments. As we learned at last year’s Legislative Theatre, sometimes a law already exists, and the issue isenforcement.

The second proposal was, “Gender neutral bathrooms and dressing rooms should be available in every building.” There was a clear lead in this vote!


The Anti-Violence Project is currently working hard on this issue! Audacia Ray, one of our Policy Rangers for the evening, and AVP’s Director of Community Organizing and Public Advocacy says, “Single-stall all-gender bathrooms are the law! AVP will be taking direct action to ensure that all New Yorkers have access to all-gender single-occupancy bathrooms. We’re coming together to mandate Local Law 79 to help create safe(r) spaces for our transgender and gender non-conforming fellow New Yorkers.”Go to AVP’s website to learn more, and volunteer!

"The event was very engaging and interactive,” says Jewel Cadet, one of our incredible Policy Rangers, and the Associate Director of Programs at The Center for Anti-Violence Education“The realistic and relevant scenarios speak to what marginalized people in our society are facing every day. I hope the event inspires people, especially those with layers of privilege, to make intentional changes in their everyday interactions with marginalized communities."

Stay tuned for next steps!

Meanwhile, we encourage you to reach out and engage with the offices and organizations of our Policy Rangers!

Ana Bermúdez, Commissioner, New York City Department of Probation

Jewel Cadet, Associate Director of Programs, The Center for Anti-Violence Education

Jacqueline M. Ebanks, Executive Director, Commission on Gender Equity, Office of the Mayor, The City of New York

Samantha Johnson, National Coordinating Committee, Million Hoodies

Juli Kempner, Member, Survived and Punished NY

Annie Levers, Policy and Budget Director, Office of Council Member Brad Lander

Chanel Lopez, Transgender Communities Liaison, New York City Commission on Human Rights

Hafizah Omar, Survived and Punished NYICE FREE Queens

Angel Parker, Counselor Advocate, Still Survivors Program from STEPS to End Family Violence

Audacia Ray, Director of Community Organizing and Public Advocacy, The Anti-Violence Project

Liz Vladeck, Deputy Commissioner, Office of Labor Policy & Standards at NYC Department of Consumer Affairs