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The Sanctuary

By Mike Gonzalez: “The Sanctuary”: a reprieve from the daily frustrations commonly experienced by those of us who have endured homelessness.  Atop the stairs that led from the side entrance of a church tucked cozily into an otherwise bustling and narrow sidewalk awaited an uncertain but immovably tenacious woman who had this radical idea that somehow the motley crew that stood (or sat) before her could somehow affect change by putting on a play about our personal experiences.

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The Little Bird on the Tree of Theatre of the Oppressed: Multiplication and Organization at Colorado College

TONYC was hosted by the CC Collaborative for Community Engagement, which organizes many student activist groups on campus. 

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Ferguson Moments: Artists Respond

By Claudia Alick, Danny Bryck, 
Mica Cole, Rebecca Martinez and Katy Rubin.
Originally published on Howlround on September 6th, 2014. 

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Becca's Santa Cruz Action Research Adventure: MuseumCamp 2014

MuseumCamp is an interactive anti-conference driven by mission and sincere inquiry. The concept: work with a team to design and implement a research project about the social impact of an arts or culture event happening in Santa Cruz in less than four days.

By Becca Lynch

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