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What Is a "Good Girl?" Madalena NYC

By Rossanna Mercedes.

Being a woman. Being an American woman. Being a fat woman. Being a black woman. Being a poor woman. Being a woman wrestling with the societal and familial expectation of being a “good girl.” That was me entering Barbara Santos's Madalena Theatre of the Oppressed workshop a few Sundays ago. 

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How Do We Get Right? Part 1

By Travis Stevens. 

"How do we know that you're going to take this program seriously?"

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Catalysts for Change: TONYC's Volunteers

By Kate Clark

Today’s the day…we’ve made it to the opening of Can't Get it Right: Theatre of the Oppressed NYC's second Annual Legislative Theatre Festival!

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Make Sense Out of Nonsense

By Travis Stevens III

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MEET OUR PARTNERS: Dreams for Policy Change

By Max Freedman

“I’m excited that they’re going to be part of conversations about policy. They get it. These are policies that affect them. They know a lot about them. And it’s important for them to be part of conversations where it’s within their reach to actually change them.”
-- Penny Ferrer, Ali Forney Center

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