My life Is a open book that everyone can read from.

Nov. 09, 2013

Maaji from Concrete Justice talks of her TONYC experience.. 

Being in a movement like TONYC is a powerful thrill. I feel like I'm changing the face of the planet every time I get on stage.  My life is an open book for the world to have and read from. I love to see the people's reaction's when we are on stage. The people are shocked at first then their eyes light up and a smile follows. I will never forget a performance we did on September 19th 2013 at the Baruch College. It was 6pm we had a packed house of young students, there was a particular young lady who joined the forum for an intervention and created an amazing solution. At the end of the performance she waited to greet and meet all of us. She shared her story with us about when she and her family were homeless.  She told us how seeing our play gave her the strength and energy she needed. She no longer felt ashamed of her story. She now felt that she could uplift someone who is going through the same struggle and share information to bring harmony in ones chaotic life.