March Workshop Series: Building Forum Scenes Online

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Dates: 8 sessions beginning March 8, 2021 ending April 1, 2021

Time: Mondays & Thursdays, 5p - 7:30p EST

Location: Zoom

Facilitators: This online training will be co-facilitated by a team of jokers led by Liz Morgan

Whether you’re an experienced Theatre of the Oppressed practitioner looking for ways to adapt in-person techniques to a digital performance platform or you’ve never taken any training in Forum Theatre, this workshop is for you!

This (Re)Introduction to Forum Theatre is for community organizers, artists and engaged community members who plan to apply Forum Theatre to engage groups in action towards social change. Participants will experience TONYC's process of creating forum troupes and engaging spect-actors in online Forum Theatre. This training will share brand new content that TONYC is using in video and audio rehearsals.

During the workshop, participants will build and perform Forum Theatre scenes. This includes playing our Zoom-adapted Theatre of the Oppressed games; telling and choosing stories of oppression; asynchronous assignments in Aesthetics of the Oppressed to explore the story and the issues; and applying rehearsal exercises. We will examine the theory and politics of the work while staying firmly rooted in practice. Participants will have the opportunity to practice jokering their own Forum scenes as well. We will take time to address a variety of questions that arise when facilitating this work. Participants will receive several resources from the training including games, exercises, and an outline for jokering a forum performance. 

Please note - because this training is a collaborative process with other members of the workshop, we request that participants attend for the full training time.

For any questions about this training, please contact Liz Morgan at [email protected]. To receive updates about future trainings, sign up for our mailing list at:


This training is priced on a sliding scale.  You can apply to pay based on your financial means, the value you wish to receive, or your desire to support.

  • Standard Rate: $400.00
  • Half-Price Scholarship rate: $200.00 (limited availability)
  • Supportive rate: $600.00 (for those who have the personal privilege or institutional backing to subsidize our wider community learning)
  • Payment information: A non-refundable $50 deposit is required to reserve your spot. The balance of your workshop fee is due 2 weeks before the training. Advance payment of workshop fees supports TONYC in opening spots to people on the waiting list. If your access to funds means you need a payment plan or adjusted payment schedule, please contact Liz Morgan at [email protected].

Application: Applications closed. Applications are due February 3rd. 

Applicants will need to confirm their spot and send a non-refundable $50 deposit by February 15th. Training fees paid to TONYC are non-refundable during the 7 days before the training, and may not be credited to a future training. Exceptions will be considered at TONYC's discretion. Link: 

  • If a group or organization is planning to apply for a group of participants, please submit individual applications, and include your affiliation in the “About Me” section. You are welcome to email Liz Morgan at [email protected] with questions about applications and payment. 
March 08, 2021 at 5:00pm - 7:30pm
Liz Morgan ·

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