2024 Level One: Introduction to Building Forum Theatre

Our 2024 Level One training will introduce participants to TONYC’s process of creating forum theatre performances. Via separate online and in-person portions, we will explore TONYC’s new Wildcard Workbook and practice Theatre of the Oppressed activities together! This training is for community organizers, artists, and engaged community members who plan to apply to Forum Theatre to engage groups in action toward social change.

Please note: As an introductory training, Level One focuses on facilitators modeling TONYC’s best practices for participants. For deeper practice doing your own facilitation, keep an eye out for our upcoming fall trainings.

Required resources: The primary resource for this training will be The Wildcard Workbook. Readings will be assigned in-between sessions, and we will also explore chapters together on our feet.

Because this training is a collaborative process between workshop participants, we prefer participants attend the full training, including Parts 1 + 2 both. We will save a limited number of spots for folks who can only join us for Part 1 (Online).

Part 1 (Online)

Dates: August 16th-18th, 2024

Time: 1-4pm

Location: Zoom

Facilitators: Liz Morgan (she/her), Sulu LeoNimm (they/them), & Adama Diallo (she/her)

Part one of this training is a three-day workshop on how we use games, dramaturgy, Image Theatre, and Aesthetics of the Oppressed to explore stories of oppression in rehearsal. We will examine the theory and politics of the work while staying firmly rooted in practice. Our final day will focus on story-sharing in preparation for our in-person work.

Part 2 (In-Person)

Dates: August 24th-25th

Duration: 12-5:30pm + optional Saturday Social for unfacilitated questions, networking, and fun!

Location: Midtown, NYC

Facilitators: Liz Morgan (she/her) & Adama Diallo (she/her)

Level One: Introduction to Building Forum Theatre Testimonials

"Thank you for such a terrific training. I really appreciated the hybrid format. While I don't love Zoom, it did make attending more possible given that it reduced time commitment (not having to travel into city for the first weekend). I felt it was a smart use of Zoom and made our time in person extra special."

"The facilitators were amazing and I learned from their modeling and instruction. I appreciated learning together and coming up against difficult situations — that is the work."

"There aren't many TO trainings out there (I've looked all over) — and what you offer provides such a rare opportunity. Lastly, thank you thank you thank you to all who created the workbook — tremendous resource."

For questions about this training, please contact Liz at [email protected]. To receive updates about future trainings, sign up for our mailing list.

Rates for the full training are on a sliding scale between $300-700 dollars. You can apply to pay based on your financial means, the value you wish to receive, or your desire to support. 

Note: The standard rate for the full training is $525. This includes a suggested donation of $25 for the Wildcard Workbook download. Payment above the standard is a supportive rate that allows us to make this training accessible to those who cannot contribute the standard rate at this time. TONYC will not be evaluating your needs to determine your pay rate.  We are asking each individual to make an honest self-assessment of their own needs as well as economic/institutional privilege to select their own fee with integrity and mindfulness. Those who are only available for Part 1 of the training are expected to pay a flat fee of $300.

Application: Please apply via this Google Form.

Applications are due July 12th.  Confirmation of your application status will be sent by July 19th.  If you do not hear from us by that date, please contact Liz at [email protected].  

If accepted into the training, a non-refundable $50 deposit will be required to reserve your spot by July 26th. The balance of your workshop fee is due by August 2nd. Advance payment of workshop fees supports TONYC in opening spots to people on the waiting list. If your access to funds means you need a payment plan or adjusted payment schedule, please contact Liz at [email protected].

Training fees paid to TONYC are non-refundable during the 7 days before the training, and may not be credited to a future training. Exceptions will only be considered at TONYC's discretion.

If a group or organization is planning to apply for a group of participants, please submit individual applications and include your affiliation in the "About Me" section. You are welcome to contact Liz at [email protected] with questions about applications and payment. 

August 16, 2024 at 1:00pm - August 25, 2024

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