WATCH Ep.1 Rapid Response's 1-800-KEEP-UR-CRIB

Oct. 21, 2022


Welcome! The Rapid Response Troupe invites you to be a Spect-Actor for our newest production, 1-800-Keep-Ur-Crib. We’re excited to have you participate from wherever you are!

Step 1: Watch the video on this page

Step 2: Send us back your thoughts!

Step 3: Share this email with other people who have been struggling to keep their apartment!


The Rapid Response Actors will read what all of you send, and use that to create more scenes for 1-800-Keep-Ur-Crib to share with an in-person audience on December 1. RSVP if you want to join us. 


Thank you from: Amorarey Carolyn Cat Gariyana. Letitia Liz Majory Maria Sulu

The government says the pandemic is over and now your landlord wants the rent you owe or else! After years of paying off THEIR mortgage, you’re about to lose YOUR home! Rapid Response Troupe brings to you 1-800-KEEP-UR-CRIB, an episodic forum accessible for viewing on our website, for audiences in NYC and beyond. Watch and share your tenant rights idea, then stay tuned for the final chapter at our live show at The Bernie Wohl Center on December 1st