Apply to be a Joker with TONYC!

Dec. 23, 2019

Photo: TONYC Jokers Gariyana Williams, Mike Gonzalez, and Adama Diallo at Legislative Theatre. Photo by Ali Garber.

Job Description: Joker (bilingual Spanish/English, Spanish as a first language), Theatre of the Oppressed NYC
Deadline to apply: January 22, 2020.
Anticipated Start Date: Training in February, facilitation beginning in March-April.

What We Do: Theatre of the Oppressed NYC (TONYC) partners with communities facing discrimination to inspire transformative action through theatre. Through partnerships with social service organizations, advocacy groups and city agencies, TONYC forms theatre troupes with community members who face pressing social, economic, and human rights issues. The troupes create and perform plays based on real-life struggles, engaging audiences in theatrical brainstorming - or Forum and Legislative Theatre - to creatively challenge systems of oppression.

Work With Us: Theatre of the Oppressed NYC (TONYC) is looking for a facilitator to join our Joker team this year, whose first language is Spanish. This Joker will collaborate with TONYC's actors who create and perform Spanish-language or bilingual scenes addressing issues that impact immigrant communities in NYC. Jokers facilitate rehearsals & performances with Forum Theatre Troupes around NYC, and workshops for various groups and organizations around the US. We believe in developing a community of Jokers and Actors who learn and engage in social change efforts together, so we prioritize training, networking and community-building. As we collaborate with the movements and campaigns for justice that are active throughout NYC, our work is not just in rehearsals and forum performances, but also at rallies, marches, and campaign meetings.

TONYC Jokers are typically scheduled to work with 1 Forum Theatre Troupe each season (approximately 6-14 rehearsals each spring and fall), in collaboration with a co-joker. Weekly rehearsals are 1.5-2 hours with 8-14 actors at a partner organization’s space, and culminate in two public Forum performances. Jokers are expected to plan with their co-joker, support the TONYC office in preparing for the performances, attend monthly company facilitation practice sessions (aka “Joker Workouts), and participate in occasional program meetings and public events.

We are looking for experienced facilitators who have used Theatre of the Oppressed. Ideal experience and skills include:

• A facilitation practice
• Engagement with undoing systems of oppression in one's profession or community
• Fluency in Spanish as their first language
• Familiarity with event/performance production 
• Google Drive
• Openness to dialogue & feedback about their own practice
• Public speaking
• An artistic practice
• Collaboration in an artistic practice or in facilitation

Responsibilities of TONYC Jokers

Plan with co-joker to:
• Facilitate rehearsals, performances, and a celebration for the troupe
• Support actors’ participation by sharing TO facilitation techniques, communicating schedule, planning transportation & food
• Maintain reports & evaluations as requested by the administrative staff
• Plan basic costumes, props & sound cues
• Provide play & troupe information in a timely manner for marketing purposes
• Communicate promptly with the TONYC office any personal, partner, or actor updates that will impact rehearsals or performances

Engage in TONYC’s ongoing planning & learning via:
• Attending staff & partner meetings and advocacy partner events
• Participating in monthly joker workouts & internal trainings
• Engaging with TONYC’s anti-oppression principles

Compensation: Jokers are employees of TONYC and paid an hourly rate for facilitation of rehearsals, shows, workshops, and attendance at public organizing events that involve their troupe. For a typical weekly rehearsal, a joker receives $127.50-$178.50, depending on facilitation expertise and paid administrative time. Additionally, hourly staff are paid $25.50/hour for production administration and $20.40/hour for internal training time, travel out of NYC, or attendance at social justice-related public events when requested by TONYC.  

To Apply, please complete this form. Your materials can be submitted in either English or Spanish, or a combination, but you do not have to submit double versions of your files. Prepare to upload a recent resume and 1-2 work samples. For the work sample, we would like you to send a plan of activities for an event or series of evetns that you facilitated or directed. This can include trainings, rehearsals, meetings, workshops or classes. We are interested primarily in understanding the work you have done and your approach to planning. As you may be sharing past work, we accept various file formats, however our preferred format is PDF. 

Applications received before January 8, 2020 will be considered for TONYC’s 2020 programs. TONYC will contact potential candidates for an initial phone interview in English. Qualified applicants will be invited for an in-person interview and a facilitation practice session (in Spanish) with TONYC jokers &actors. This application will stay open and later applicants will be reviewed and contacted on a rolling basis.

Any questions about this application can be emailed to Sulu LeoNimm at



Theatre of the Oppressed NYC is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages all interested and qualified applicants to apply. TONYC does not discriminate based on age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, housing status, disability, or previous incarceration.