Happy Holidays from TONYC: A look back at 2016

Happy Holidays from TONYC: A look back at 2016

Dec. 20, 2016

​Thank you for tuning in and turning
out with TONYC in 2016!

Happy holidays and see you in action in next year!





Photos: The Fortune Society Troupe in Honorable Discharge (Photo by Will O'Hare), Legislative Theatre rally at City Hall (Photo by Devyn Mañibo), Housing Works Troupe in Some Things $ Can't Buy (Photo by Will O'Hare), Glenn Martin at Activate 2016 (Photo by Will O'Hare), TONYC Jokers (Photo by Gerardo Coello), Milk Crate Theatre Residency, Concrete Justice in Homestead Instead (Photo by Devyn Mañibo), Red Hook Community Justice Center Troupe in Wrong Place, Wrong Time (Photo by Lauren Henschel), Performance by Crown Heights Mediation Center Troupe (Photo by Will O'Hare), Ali Forney Center Troupe in In Transit (Photo by Will O'Hare), Carlos Menchaca at Sunset Park Troupe's performance of La Mamá Que Habló (Photo by Will O'Hare), Owyhee residency in Nevada, Jokers, actors, legislators, and policy makers at Legislative Theatre Festival (Photo by Will O'Hare) 

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