"Branch Out" Legislative Theatre Workshop (Online)

Difficultation for Legislation

Experience the core structure and dramaturgy of Forum Theatre with an interactive demo and launch into discovering what additional tools and analyses are needed to turn a play about real-life situations into an opportunity for policy-generating.  Whether you’re seeking to abolish oppressive legislation or are curious about changing unofficial rules or practices that impact your community, legislative theatre is a powerful way to approach participatory democracy.  Participants will walk away understanding “WatchActVote” the basic steps of Legislative Theatre, and tips for how to use these techniques in their own work.

No experience necessary. Join us at our upcoming festival for additional T.O. training and education opportunities!

Facilitated by: Sulu LeoNimm & Elise Goldin

Note: This workshop will be hosted on Zoom and will not be recorded. Participants may request a full refund in the event of a canceled or rescheduled workshop.

Rates for this workshop are on a sliding scale from $45-$130. Please select the tier that feels appropriate for you based on your financial means, the value you wish to receive, or your desire to support TONYC.

October 13, 2023 at 12:30pm - 3:30pm
Sorry, this event is sold out.

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