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"Law is seen as an expression of someone’s desire. At present, it expresses the desire of the powerful – but it can also express the desires of the people." - Augusto Boal

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The apartment is rightfully yours — but the landlord is playing tricks to evict you for someone who pays more. RSVP here for Legislative Theatre: Apartment Complex!

The process for Legislative Theatre is continuing to grow and change. Learn more about this growth here!


Past Festivals

2017: Legislative Theatre Fest

2016: The Housing Circus

2015: Inside/Outside

2014: Can't Get Right

2013: Save the Drama


How does legislative theatre work?

WATCH original plays based on the actors’ lived experiences.

ACT on stage to brainstorm alternatives to the problems presented. Jokers open the stage to Spect-actors to rehearse new ideas. Everyone writes their ideas on notecards that are processed and sorted by the Policy Advisory Team.

VOTE with government representatives. Policy-makers present proposals based on the collected ideas. The crowd debates each idea. All present vote on the proposals. If the majority of people accept the idea as presented, the government representatives make a promise to act on those ideas after leaving the theatre.

One hour before a Legislative Theatre show, audience members meet with community partners and activists to get prepared to engage on the issues being presented.

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