We're Hiring: TONYC is looking for an Operations Manager

We're Hiring: TONYC is looking for an Operations Manager

Apr. 05, 2017

TONYC is seeking an Operations Manager, 32-40 hours/week

What We Do: Theatre of the Oppressed NYC (TONYC) partners with communities facing discrimination to inspire transformative action through theatre. Through partnerships with social service organizations, advocacy groups and city agencies, TONYC forms theatre troupes with community members who face pressing social, economic, and human rights issues. The troupes create and perform plays based on real-life struggles, engaging audiences in theatrical brainstorming - or Forum and Legislative Theatre - to creatively challenge systems of oppression.

Work With Us: TONYC is seeking an Operations Manager. This position works in collaboration with the Program and Operations Director, Executive Director and TONYC’s external financial management service, ArtsPool, to oversee operations and infrastructure. We’re seeking a team member who understands how effective social justice work is served by transparency, time management, and attention to detail!

In 2017, our 6th year, TONYC’s priorities include formalizing pipelines for leadership opportunities throughout the organization and strengthening our non-arts partnerships to amplify the impact of ongoing movements in NYC. TONYC seeks to reflect the politics and ethics of our programs throughout every aspect of our organization. Join a team that values social action, creative problem-solving, and a lively work environment.

Areas of Responsibility Include:

Office and Administrative Management
Day-to-day, the Operations Manager is responsible for the smooth functioning of our office. This will include:

• Managing organizational insurance, legal filings, contracts and vendor relationships;
• Ordering supplies for the office and programs, and generally maintaining the office;
• Booking space for events as needed;
• Managing and assessing internal protocols around materials and resources; and
• Ensuring accurate internal data management and effective organizational systems.

Financial Management

The Operations Manager will support our external financial management and compliance service, ArtsPool, in maintaining TONYC’s financial health. This will be achieved by:

• Processing all donations, grants and other income;
• Managing payment of bills, including receiving and processing invoices, creating and sending invoices, and managing accounts payable and receivable;
• Supporting ArtsPool by:

- Sending receipts and coding transactions;
- Reviewing monthly reports and cash flow; and
- Providing information for annual audit.
- Managing requests for budget updates or donor information.

Human Resources Management

This will entail:
• Ensuring quality recruitment and onboarding of employees;
• Working closely with ArtsPool to:

- Support bi-monthly payroll;
- Oversee payment schedule and issue payments for consultants and contractors, and maintain proper documentation;
- Maintain staff records and ensuring their security; and
- Ensure compliance with federal, state and local employment regulations.

Volunteer Coordination

• Volunteer recruitment
• Volunteer management at events

General Company Activities
Given the nature of our team and our work, there are some activities that everyone participates in! These can include:

- Sending thank-you notes to donors;
- Helping with fundraising and community-building events;
- Preparing materials for programs; and
- Joining in advocacy and outreach events

Ideal candidate has:

• Excellent attention to detail
• Ability to work both independently and in collaboration with diverse stakeholders
• Experience with:

- Contact databases
- Project management
- Spreadsheets and formulas!
- Experience within arts and/or social justice communities
- While formal training in arts administration can be a plus, relevant experience and intent to develop in this field are more important.


Schedule is 32-40 hours/week, to be negotiated with candidate. This position also includes attendance at some performances on weekday evenings. TONYC values flexibility; staff can work from home up to one day per week, as appropriate.

Salary and benefits:

• Full-time equivalent salary range is $45,000-$48,000, based on experience.
• Benefits include generous vacation time and employee-sponsored health and dental plans (inclusive of family members). We also offer staff the opportunity to train in Theatre of the Oppressed and access other professional development opportunities.

To Apply

Apply here by April 26th with your resume; a cover letter that addresses your qualifications and motivation for applying; and at least 2 professional references. Qualified applicants will be contacted after April 20th.



Theatre of the Oppressed NYC is an equal opportunity employer and strongly encourages all interested and qualified applicants to apply. TONYC does not discriminate based on age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, housing status, disability, or previous incarceration.


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